Monday, June 20, 2011

lexie's ballet recital

Lexie has been in ballet at Leslie's Dance Academy for the past year and just had her first recital.  The older girls did the ballet of Cinderella and the little girls (2-3 yrs) did their own dance at the end.  Lexie was so excited to dress up in her Cinderella ballet dress!

Silly Girls
Lexie and Chloe being silly before the recital

So grown up
She looks so grown up!!  What happened to my little baby?!

Chloe and Lexie patiently waiting

Little Ballerinas

Lexie's Recital

Chloe and Lexie
Chloe and Lexie had fun playing out front after they danced.

Ice Cream Princess
We stopped for ice cream on our way home!

Boys and Ice cream
And look, the boys were there too!!  They enjoyed the ice cream WAYYYYY more than the recital!

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  1. My adorable Lexie is getting TOO BIG!!!!! And that was some cute ballet :)


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