Thursday, July 7, 2011

wilmington with grandma

While Grandma was in town a few weeks ago we went to Wilmington for the day. We had an amazing lunch at Tower 7 and checked out the beach!  Then we surprised Grandma with a trip to Rita's since she fell in love when they lived in MD but they don't have them in AZ.  We parked in downtown Wilmington and headed over to the riverfront.

The Kids
the Albaeck kids

Grandma and Her Boys
We did a sightseeing cruise aboard the Henrietta III on the Cape Fear River.

The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge and the highlight of the trip for Ben-- a garbage truck
Scenery along the Cape Fear River

the USS North Carolina and one of many pelicans we saw on our cruise

Port of Wilmington
The Port of Wilmington-- it was amazing to see how quickly the cranes filled the container ships

♥♥ Lexie ♥♥♥

Grandma and Ben relaxing

Dream House
My dream house on the banks of the Cape Fear

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