Sunday, July 17, 2011

vbs 2011

ALL of the kids were able to go to VBS this summer and they were excited!!  Lexie was FINALLY able to go and hang out with the big kids and I got a taste of freedom-- three hours a day with NO kids for a WHOLE WEEK!!  Everyone had a blast and everyone was sad that it only lasted a week!

At the end of the week all of the kids put on a show of the songs they learned during VBS and then we had lunch together.  Jacob was even able to come and watch the kids- and they were especially excited because he missed it last year.
Chris. Nick. Lexie.

Lexie had to keep pushing herself into the front because the big kids kept standing in front of her.
Gotta love Nick's attempt at making pictures better!  :)

Lunch Time
Ready for lunch!!

Christopher and his lunch!  Nick finishing up the homemade ice cream in a bag!

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