Saturday, May 31, 2014

may 2014 insta update

may insta love one
(1) Lexie and Bryn swinging.  Love when friends come to town!!  (2) Excited for church this morning  (3) Mmmm.  Play dough ice cream
(4) It's more fun playing with toes than posing for pictures  (5) I cannot believe she's six months old already  (6) First food- baby guac for Cinco de Mayo
(7) Eating real food is hard work!  (8) Perfect snack for Early Release day!  (9) Sleeping sweetie.

may insta love two
(1) With Ben at "Muffins for Mothers"  (2) Ben knows me so well ;)  (3) Haircut time!
(4) Lunch with Lexie  (5) Frosting lipstick  (6) Thankful for these sweethearts that made me a mother
(7) Grocery shopping  (8) She cannot be big enough for this!!  (9) The kids brought me home flowers (weeds) as a belated Mother's Day gift!

may insta love three
(1) Sleepy after her shots  (2) Snuggling my sleepy sweetie  (3) Excited for homemade pineapple-coconut-banana popsicles!
(4) Much needed today  (5) Excited to be at Target  (6) Sucking on some cantaloupe
(7) Shopping with this sweetie  (8) Seems like there's always something to shop for..... (9) Ellie and Olivia playing in their jumpers while the parents play games

may insta love four
(1) So excited for her new carseat!!  So much more room!!  (2) Apparently Target wore her out today  (3) Sparkler fun before the storm rolls in  (4) Having fun at the BBQ
(5) Her first Rita's ice!  (6) Bryn's fave thing to do at our house if all the kids are in school  (7) Ellie and Bryn  (8) Loving the black beans at Chipotle
(9) Fun in the sprinklers  (10) Poblano pork chili potatoes for dinner  (11) Thankful for such a happy shopper!  (12) Helping Christopher clean his room

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  1. I love your new blog design! And am so glad you're back to blogging ;-) Looking through a third of a year in pictures was FUN!


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