Saturday, May 31, 2014

may 2014

slip n slide
This month we continued to get good use out of our water toys from the Easter Bunny.

ellie outside
Ellie loves going outside to watch the big kids play!

nick slip n slide
Slip-n-sliding all afternoon

fun with the neighbors
We had a big barbecue with all the neighbors across the street.  The kids played on the slip-n-slide at our house while the adults watched from a safe (dry!) distance.

six months old
Little Miss Ellie turned SIX months old in May.  Time is sure flying!

pretty girl
LOVE her bright, blue eyes.

ellie's first food
Ellie had her first "real food" at dinner on Cinco de Mayo-- guacamole!  She's a fan, but eating definitely wore her out.

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