Sunday, August 31, 2014

atlantic beach day one

For the five years that we have lived in North Carolina, we have LOVED being so much closer to the beach (compared to Colorado where we lived prior).  We try to go to different beaches every year so that we can compare them all and we've already been to the northern part of the Outer Banks, the Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach area, and Myrtle Beach.  For our beach trip in August we headed to Atlantic Beach, just south of the Outer Banks, and part of the Crystal Coast.

atlantic beach
Atlantic Beach is about five hours from our house so we didn't arrive until early afternoon.  It started pouring just as we pulled up to the hotel so we hung out in our room (and on our covered balcony) for a bit and waited for the storm to pass.

As soon as the rain stopped, the kids changed into their suits and we headed down to a fairly empty beach- I think most people left as soon as it started to rain!

swimming by the pier
Sweet Ben.  There were just a couple surfers out, but sadly, no big waves for them.


fun in the water
The kids spent the next few hours playing in the waves and having a great time.

sweet kids
Sweet kids.

chasing waves.... or waves chasing them?
Are the kids chasing the waves or is it the other way around?!

nearly empty
Our hotel was right next to a pier that people were fishing from.  I did not point out that if people were fishing (and catching!) from the pier, then there were probably lots of fish where the kids were swimming!

Fun in the water!

even dad joined in!
Even Jacob got in on the fun!  He went out with the boys and tried to teach them how to body surf.

clear water
One of my favorite things about North Carolina beaches is how clear the water is.  That, and the fact that there's no seaweed!!  Oh, and that the water is warm-- it was about 82 degrees!!

lexie and ben
Lexie and Ben :)

afraid of the waves
While Lexie LOVES swimming at the pool, she wanted no part in the crashing waves at the beach.

slammed by waves
Nick, on the other hand, thought getting slammed by waves was the best part.

they got lexie in the water
Jacob FINALLY got Lexie into the water by assuring her that he would hold her the whole time and that her face didn't have to go underwater.


baby at the beach
Ellie enjoyed checking out the beach from the safety of either her stroller or being held.  She was fine when her toes were in the sand.

guess she doesn't like the water!
But definitely NOT fine when Jacob let a wave hit her legs.

little fish
The kids played in the water until the sun started to set.  We went back to the room so everyone could take a shower and then ordered a couple of pizzas for dinner.  All in all, it was a wonderful day at the beach!


  1. Awesome! We have only been to the beach in Charleston. The kids are wanting to go again as soon as we can though. Sounds like you're the authority, so which beach is your favorite? :D

    1. LOL, I'm definitely not an authority on NC/SC beaches but I will tell you what I know! We've enjoyed all of the beaches that we have been to and like different things about each one. Myrtle Beach is fun if you're looking to do touristy stuff. There are a lot of "attractions" in the area and the beaches can be crowded. We haven't spent a ton of time in the Outer Banks and would love to go back. Lots of lighthouses, history, and wild horses. Overall, my faves are probably Wrightsville and Atlantic. Both have a much more "local" feel and aren't as crowded (though I imagine Saturday's in July can be packed). Let me know where you guys end up going next!!

    2. Sounds like there is so much to be seen! I'm sure whichever beach we hit we will find awesome things to do! Thank you!


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