Tuesday, September 30, 2014

kennedy space center

kennedy space center
After leaving Orlando, we headed to Cape Canaveral to check out Kennedy Space Center.

(1) Astronaut Van  (2) Thrusters for the Apollo Mission's Saturn rocket
(3) 1960s Control Room  (4) Sweet Ellie enjoying everything hanging from the ceiling

nick in heaven
Nick was in heaven-- he has been asking to go to KSC for years and was excited to finally have the chance to see it all.

space stuff
Re-entry pod.  Space suit with moon dust on the boots.

moon rocks and rovers
(1) Lunar landing module (2) Space rover
(3) Top of the Apollo rocket  (4) Touching a moon rock

launchpad and rockets
The launchpad off in the distance and the model that every boy (young and old!) wants in their bedroom!

space shuttle
Seeing the Space Shuttle Atlantis was the highlight of KSC for Nick.

little pilots
Playing pilot in a mock-up of the space shuttle cabin.

We wrapped up our time at KSC with the Shuttle Launch Experience simulator while Grandma took Ellie shopping in the gift shop.  We only had a few hours to spend exploring KSC and definitely didn't feel like that was enough time.  Next time, we'll plan a whole day there so that we can see everything.

We stayed the night in Melbourne Beach before saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa and driving home to North Carolina.  Everyone had a great vacation but I think everyone was ready to be home and sleep in their own beds and get back to "normal," too.

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