Tuesday, September 30, 2014

september insta update

september insta love one
(1) Blueberry pancakes are delicious!  And messy!  (2) TEN months old  (3) Enjoying her first hushpuppy :)
(4) Afternoon snack :)  (5) Cupcake deliciousness  (6) 60s and rainy + Halloween candy at Target = FALL!!
(7) What?! I'm allowed to play in the cabinets!  (8) Helping unload the dishwasher  (9) Hmm... Maybe she thinks it's time for a bath??

september insta love two
(1) New license plate :)  (2) Grandpa, I need this!!  It's like yours!!  (3) Afternoon snack
(4) Pizza and movie night!  (5) My favorite part of the day  (6) Goodmorning kisses from Zoe
(7) So excited she got her own meal!  (8) Pedicure before vacation  (9) I like my fries!

september insta love three
(1) Hugging Stars and Stripes Mickey!  (2) Yum.  (3) Happy early birthday, Jacob!
(4) Ben with his first upside down roller coaster  (5) Excited to finally go on a ride!  (Toy Story Mania)  (6) So excited she finally got to ride Tower of Terror and now she doesn't ever want to ride it again!
(7) Pixie dust at the Sunset Sweet Shop-- they were watching him make delicious treats through the window so he invited them in for a free marshmallow!
(8) Dancing with Minnie  (9) And the celebrating continues!

september insta love four
(1) First fireworks of the trip  (2) Happiest place on earth!  (3) Snoozin' through the Magic Kingdom
(4) Tried the gray stuff, it's delicious!  (5) Disney cuties  (6) Let's go on the Peoplemover thrice!!
(7) Enjoying the dessert party    (8) Ohhh, a world of wishes.  A world where dreams come true.  So make a wish, see it through.  Dare to do what dreamers do.  (9) Drinks (and lunch) by the pool.

september insta love five
(1) Waiting for the monorail  (2) Excited for her plate of shrimp  (3) Spaceship Earth was her favorite ride- she waved and said "hi" to all of the "people"
(4)  Enjoying her first trip to Italy (5) Huuuuge pizzas for lunch  (6) Birthday partyin' through EPCOT
(7) Yummy snack!  (8) Ice cream martinis  (9) First time on Soarin'- they loved it!!

september insta love six
(1) Time to rescue a dinosaur!  (2) A dole whip float after a delicious breakfast at 'Ohana  (3) Excited for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!!
(4) Sleeping Mermaid at the Halloween party :)  (5) Checking out the Vehicle Assembly Building at KSC  (6) Delicious rock shrimp for dinner
(7) My fave thing to wake up to  (8) Delicious low country omelet for breakfast at the beach  (9) Little reader

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