Sunday, November 30, 2014

ellie's first birthday

the birthday girl
Our sweet Ellie turned ONE in November.

ellie's cake
We had the most delicious cake to celebrate (and a fun BBQ, too)!

presents with olivia
Ellie and Olivia spent their time playing with all the wrapped presents-- they used the big ones as chairs :)

party boys
After dinner it was time for presents-- Ben, Callen and Nick wanted their picture taken with her presents

present time!
Present time!!  She was so excited to open each one!!

Excitement overload!!  Every present she opened was met with the same excited face.

Yayyyyy!!!  Presents!!!

singing happy birthday
She LOVED when everyone was singing "Happy Birthday" so we sang it several times since she got such a kick out of it.

cupcake excitement
And then it was time to eat!  She was a little unsure about the cupcake at first but once she got a taste she was excited and ate the whole thing!

boxes are the best
After demolishing her cupcake and getting cleaned up, she set out to play with her new toys.  Since all the big kids were playing with her new toys, she had to settle for the boxes though she seemed to enjoy them!  We had a great time celebrating her first birthday!

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