Friday, October 31, 2014

october insta update

october insta love one
(1) Dinner is a messy adventure at our house  (2) And is often followed by a bath  (3) Here Zoe, I'll share my puffs with you!
(4) Just doing my shopping  (5) Time to break out the fleece-y jammies!  (6) Love this sweet girl
(7) 11 months old  (8) Balsamic broccoli.  It's what's for dinner.  (9) Someone has her daddy wrapped around her finger...

october insta love two
(1) Spaghetti and meatballs.... with chopsticks.  (2) Remote thief  (3) Bathtime fun
(4) Snuggly, rainy nights are the best  (5) Nick with "the apple of his eye"  (6) Enjoying cookies from John and Katie in Belgium
(7) She cannot possibly be this old-- lost her first tooth  (8) Sweetheart sisters in their matching jammies  (9) Sweetest lunch date

october insta love three
(1) Such a sweet girl at the fall festival  (2) Cotton candy is always a hit  (3) Roasting hotdogs for round two of dinner
(4) Someone seems to think she can walk up the stairs  (5) This silly girl ate TWO Eggo waffles for breakfast  (6) It's a purple kind of day
(7) Had to try the new butter beer cupcake at Suarez Bakery  (8) The tooth fairy has been busy around here  (9) Don't you just love NC in the fall?

october insta love four
(1) We voted!  Did you?  (2) Too busy to smile  (3) Pumpkins are carved
(4) The Franken Frappuccino  (5) Frappuccino thief  (6) The Pirate Zombie
(7) Sweet EllieBug  (8) Zombies and a LoveBug  (9) Spooky.

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