Tuesday, March 31, 2015

lexie's 7th birthday

Lexie was born on the first day of spring and I love that her birthday always coincides with an explosion of spring blooms.  This year, our cherry trees were just starting to bloom on her birthday.  Ellie loves smooches from Grandma!

fun on the swings
Fun on the swings

swingset fun
The boys love taking Ellie on the slides and in the playhouse

firepit with grandma
Fire pit fun with Grandma

makin' s'mores
We celebrated Lexie's 7th birthday with a backyard BBQ and then made s'mores

s'mores bits
Ellie enjoyed eating marshmallows and graham crackers while everyone else had their s'mores

s'mores deliciousness
S'mores deliciousness

birthday girl 1
The birthday girl thought it would be fun to open her presents outside by the fire

birthday girl 2

banana pudding
After presents we went inside to sing "Happy Birthday" and have Lexie's banana pudding!

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