Tuesday, March 31, 2015

march fun

Ellie LOVES her swing!  She sits by the backdoor and points at it until someone will take her outside and push her.  Luckily, all of the kids are able to get her in and out, and push her, so she doesn't usually have to wait too long.

little bunny
Some"bunny" spends a lot of her time at Target....

fun in the tub
Fun in the tub!  She likes pretending to wash her hair and playing "where's Ellie's belly button?"

chick-fil-a night
The kids have school fundraisers at Chick-Fil-A and while we can't attend every time, we try to go to some of them.  Ben loves mixing all of the sauces (and usually adds some Texas Pete) in order to make his special sauce.  Ellie REALLY wanted the cow to come over to her-- she kept shrieking and waving to get his attention-- but as soon as he came over she burst into tears!

ellie's brownies
Ellie thought the brownies at Cici's were so good that she would sign "more" while she still had the fork in her mouth!

st patrick's day
On the night before St Patrick's Day, the kids each leave out an old pair of shoes and the leprechauns come in the middle of the night with new shoes and candy!

We attended the first annual Charlotte WeatherFest with our budding meteorologists.  They were very excited to learn all sorts of weather-y things.  Nick especially liked this tornado simulator.

weatherfest fun
Sweet Ben.  The kids learned about water safety and search and rescue at the WeatherFest, too.

roller hockey
Now that it's starting to warm up, the boys love playing roller hockey out front.

ellie's favoritesA few of Ellie's favorites: Playing with whoever's phone she can get her hands on, reading, sleeping late, and baths in the sink.

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