Monday, August 31, 2015

august insta update

august insta love one
(1) Fun at the zoo with friends  (2) National night out  (3) Happy faces after the donut eating contest
(4) The tooth fairy had two stops to make!  (5) Birthday ice cream  (6) Fun at the pool
(7) People need to hide their candy better if they don't want it eaten  (8) Boys are off to camp  (9) Lexie got to pick dinner-- she wanted steak!

august insta love two
(1) She wanted a steak omelet with her leftovers-- good thing her daddy is an omelet pro!  (2) Enjoying her first Swedish meatball  (3) It's an Ellie in the box!
(4) Making homemade pizza  (5) Video game time  (6) Hot fudge sundaes for dessert!
(7) Ready for the meteor shower with: Milky Way, Starburst and Saturn's Rings  (8) Her fave part of Target  (9) Helping make pumpkin cake

august insta love three
(1) Picked these boys (and Chris) up from camp and stopped for bbq on the way home  (2) Haaaaad to get dessert, too!  (3) Cheeeeeese.  Her new fave word.
(4) Laptop deployment was a success  (5) Jiggling her jello!  (6) Enjoying our traditional treat after Meet the Teacher night.
(7) Ice cream!  (8) She stole her daddy's ice cream  (9) Last dinner before the chaos of school.

august insta love four
(1) Off to the first day of Middle School.  In the dark.  School starts too early!!  (2) First day of 5th Grade  (3) And 3rd Grade
(4) And 2nd Grade  (5) Yummy dessert!  (6) She was up before Nick, Ben and Lexie-- probably so she could claim the TV for "Pat-Pat".

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