Monday, November 30, 2015

the elf, jammies, and decorating the tree

sandy is back!
Our elf, Sandy, made his return appearance the Saturday after Thanksgiving, complete with a North Pole breakfast!

early presents
Grandpa got to open one of his Christmas presents a bit early-- new art for his office!

Matching Christmas jammies for all of the cousins

christmas jammies
Just the Albaeck kids :)

new ornaments
Grandma and Grandpa get the kids each a new ornament every year and they love the anticipation and surprise!

a year apart, same size
Hannah and Ellie are the same size but are 363 days apart!  They're definitely opposite ends of the spectrum.

tissue paper fun
Silly Hannah, you're not supposed to eat tissue paper!

cousin fun
Playtime!  And sidenote, I wish I had curls like Ellie!

hannah and ellie
Hannah and Ellie love playing together.  When I told Ellie to go sit with Hannah for a picture, she thought that meant to sit on Hannah's lap!

the big kids
The big kids!

so much fun
The kids had fun tearing up the tissue paper and pretending it was snowing.

decorating the tree
After everyone headed to the airport, we decorated our Christmas tree and this year, we let Ellie help!

working together
Decorating the tree-- I love unwrapping all of our ornaments and reminiscing about fun vacations we've been on and big events in our lives.

The kids love picking out the perfect spot to showcase their favorite ornaments.

help from the two year old
Ellie did a great job hanging up her ornaments.  She took her time picking out the perfect spot and then loaded up the branch with as much as it would hold!

fun with grandpa
After dropping everyone else off at the airport, Grandpa came back to our house for the night before heading off on a business trip.  He was able to go to Viva Chicken (for delicious Peruvian) and watch "Christmas with the Kranks" (since the daughter goes to Peru...) with us!

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  1. I can't believe how big the kids are getting! They are able to reach much higher on the Christmas tree ;-)


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