Monday, November 30, 2015

november insta update

november insta love one
(1) Lexie loves Spicy V8 as a snack!  (2) National sandwich day  (3) Christmas shopping and ice cream on my date with Christopher
(4) Silly girl!  (5) Rain, rain, go away.  Little Ellie wants to play.  (6) Birthday dinner
(7) Minnie must be funny  (8) Happy birthday, Ellie!  (9) Wet and chilly start to the morning

november insta love two
(1) So sweet when they're sleeping  (2) Headed into the swamp  (3) Look what we found!
(4) So much to see  (5) 3/5 of the sweethearts  (6) Ready for fun!
(7) Ready to slay The Dragon  (8) 'Ohana for dinner  (9) M&M's and Holiday Wishes

november insta love three
(1) First ride of the day- the PeopleMover!  (2) Such sweet sisters  (3) Fireworks in Frontierland
(4) Cinderella Castle all lit up  (5) Dole whip float kind of day  (6) Our fave breakfast- 'Ohana
(7) Dinner with my Ben  (8) So nice to not have to pump my own gas!  (9) Fun WWP night at The Pit

november insta love four
(1) The birthday girls (and Janne) celebrating their first and second birthdays  (2) Parade fun  (3) Tree choppin' time
(4) Albaeck sweethearts  (5) We sure went a lot of different places this year!  (6) Lunch with the kids since school was cancelled

We may have to keep "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" in the freezer until she figures out the difference between sheep and cows.
Or at least until she stops being afraid of cows.

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  1. That video of Ellie makes me laugh every single time I watch it.


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