Thursday, December 31, 2015

december fun

dinner with grandpa
We met Grandpa for dinner at Speedy Lohr's BBQ of Arcadia-- delicious!!

fun at home
Ellie loves lounging on the couch with her "Wambie" and "Bwankie" while the big kids get ready for school.  Lexie and Ellie both love to help make cookies (or really anything) if it involves getting to lick the beaters!

package from grandma
Grandma sent Ellie a special package with a new blankie and some fun new accessories (you can never have too many pens and notebooks!).

silly ellie
Ellie likes to help out around the house-- especially setting the table for dinner.  Our sweet neighbors shared some extra birthday cupcakes with us!  Ellie learned how to play the Cars game on the Wii this month and she still loves playing with all of her babies.

homemade cookies
Christopher learned how to make chocolate chip cookies in his Life Skills class and was excited to make them at home for us to try.  They were some of the BEST chocolate chip cookies I've ever had!!

We went to a birthday party for our neighbor, Callen, and the kids were so excited about the surprise guest!

meeting santa
All of the kids at the party got a chance to talk to Santa and he brought a surprise for each one.

happy birthday callen
Lexie was excited about her new Legos.  Happy Birthday, Callen!!

girl knows what she wants
We stopped at Academy Sports one afternoon just to look around and Ellie found several different things she wanted.  Much to her dismay, we just got the boots and not the gun case or pepper spray.

girls night
While the boys all went to a Kevin Max concert with Jacob, the girls and I went to dinner at Chipotle and to Target for some last minute Christmas shopping!

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