Thursday, December 31, 2015

december insta update

december insta love one
(1) Take-out Chinese to go with "A Christmas Story"  (2) Late night visitor  (3) She loves packages from Grandma and Grandpa
(4) Love my new mug from Grandma!  (5) Beautiful, foggy morning  (6) Time for basketball again
(7) "Chris" Kringle and St "Nick" enjoying their free dinner at Red Robin  (8) Sweet matching girls  (9) "Home Alone" movie night sundaes

december insta love two
(1) Ready for a fun show  (2) The Singing Christmas Tree!  (3) Girl loves her salsa.
(4) The sweethearts on the streets of Charlotte  (5) It's all Christmas-y Uptown!  (6) Nick's stage debut as the mouse in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"!
(7) One of my all-time fave movies!  (8) Working on Christmas cards and watching movies  (9) Our annual "Elf" dinner

december insta love three(1) Sweetest little reindeer I know  (2) Ready to decorate  (3) Of course we have Mickey gingerbread men!  (4) Excited to stay up and watch a movie with us
(5) Gettin' our Grinch on with Grinch floats  (6) 70 degrees just doesn't feel Christmasy-- at least the house is festive!  (7) Enjoying our traditional pizza and Christmas classics on Christmas Eve  (8) Watching Christmas movies
(9) Merry Christmas from the Albaecks!  (10) Silly kids!  (11) Deconstructed burritos are a toddler fave  (12) Happy New Year!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the Insta Updates! What a cute way to see a glimpse of your everyday life!


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