Monday, March 28, 2016


breakfast girls
Our first stop on the way to Carowinds was Dunkin Donuts for some breakfast.  We don't have donuts very often so when we do, the kids are super excited!

Little sweeties waiting while the big sweeties went on the Intimidator.

Carousel fun!  There aren't many rides that Ellie is tall enough to go on so we make sure to do the carousel at least once every time we go!

balloon ride
Fun on the balloon ride!

Ellie wanted to go on the airplane ride but I don't think she realized she would have to ride all by herself.  She was okay while Jacob strapped her in, but once he walked away, she was SCREAMING. Luckily, the ride started quickly and she was a happy camper again.

All of the boys braved the Windseeker and loved it-- Lexie was just a smidge too short!!

view from above
We went up the SkyTower this time and had a great view from above-- you can even see the Charlotte skyline!

Ride photos :)

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