Friday, May 27, 2016

carowinds with grandpa

dd and fury
Grandpa came out to North Carolina for a business trip and stayed a couple of extra days to hang out with us and the kids were SO EXCITED to take Grandpa to Carowinds for the day.  We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a quick breakfast on the way and then headed straight for Fury when we got to the park.

carolina cyclone
Carolina Cyclone


checking out the horsies
Ellie was most excited about going with Grandpa on the horsies-- they spent awhile picking out the PERFECT (i.e. PINK) horse before making a mad dash to ensure it was theirs.

horsies with grandpa
So excited to be on the horsies with GRANDPA!

The big kids on their horsies!  Ben picked a horse on the opposite side of the carousel but he had fun, too.

bumper cars
The kids (and Grandpa!) wanted to go on the Bumper Cars over and over and over.

crazy girl
Crazy driver-- glad I wasn't in the car with her!

Intimidator-- we went on some rides multiple times in different rider configurations.

afterburn and nighthawk
The boys all love the feet-dangling and laying on your stomach types of rides!

leaving the park
After a fun (and clearly tiring) day, we said goodbye to Carowinds by taking serious and silly pictures on the NC/SC state line.



  1. I'm glad they had fun with Grandpa at Carowinds - there's no way you'll get me on some of the rides! I will, however, go on the horsies repeatedly!

    1. LOL, I figured you wouldn't want to go on the big rides. Ellie is excited to ride the horsies with you in September! :)


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