Monday, May 30, 2016

may randomness

eating and dressing
Nick was super excited for his Texas doughnut from Suarez!  Two of Miss Ellie's favorite things: Dressing and accessorizing herself and licking beaters.

We planted a serviceberry tree a few months ago and the kids were very excited to pick the ripe, red berries for a snack.

dan and georgia
Uncle Dan and Georgia made a trip out to North Carolina and came to play at our house for the afternoon.  The kids had a blast teaching them about technology (how to write computer code, how to use their camera, lol) and we all enjoyed a nice dinner together.  They came bearing gifts for each of us and to say that Ellie loves her magnets would be an understatement-- they're her new favorite toy!

lounging and presents
Saturday morning lounging.  When Grandpa came to town it was the perfect opportunity for Christopher to give him a gift-- he even wrapped it himself bypassing the more traditional tissue paper for lined notebook paper.  In Life Skills this year Christopher learned to sew and had to make a pillow as one of his assignments.  He picked out the Mickey Mouse fabric just for Grandpa!


  1. I've never heard of serviceberries - what are they and what do they taste like? Ellie was certainly intent on finding good ones!

    1. They're also known as saskatoons :) and I know you know what those taste like!!

    2. I think "saskatoons" sound better than "serviceberries!" And they are delish!


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