Tuesday, May 31, 2016

may insta update

may insta love one
(1) Amazing dinner  (2) This chickadee was afraid of the storm and haaaaad to come "guggle"
(3) Little Miss finally got inducted into the world of kids hot chocolate at Starbucks
(4) Rainy day driving  (5) Waiting for Ben's basketball game to start  (6) Game time!!
(7) Definitely her mother's daughter.  She's spending the morning drinking her "coffee milk" and watching the Disney Vacation Planning DVD (again.....)
(8) Ready to ride  (9) "Flowers" from the littlest sweetheart.

may insta love two
(1) Early Mother's Day surprise!  (2) Deeeeeeelicious Mother's Day fajitas!!
(3) They did good this year and I was most definitely spoiled!  Thanks Jacob and the five sweethearts that made me a mother!!  (4) Such a pretty ring!
(5) Silly girl found a binkie and just haaaaad to have it  (6) Awesome game!  (7) Checking out the new ice cream place in town  (8) Watching the storm roll in
(9) She sure loves her babies  (10) Love the giant magnolia blossoms!  (11) Can't believe she's big enough to swing!  (12) Lazy, rainy afternoon

may insta love three
(1) Searching for ripe berries  (2) He shoots.... He scores!!!  (3) Almost at the finish line!
(4) Such a sweet big brother.  Earlier this week she asked him to make cookies and he said he would on the weekend.  She counted down the days until she finally got a warm, chocolate chip cookie baked with love.  (5) Cookie monster
(6) Apparently my deprived child has never had a personal pan pizza and insisted that we rectify the situation
(7) Breakfast while we wait for an oil change  (8) She FINALLY got to go on her beloved horsies with Grandpa!!  (9) Bumper car fun!

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  1. I love that you capture the ordinary things as well as the milestones. One day you will look back and really enjoy the everyday things. And what a sweet little bouquet from your littlest little!


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