Friday, June 24, 2016

road trip day seventeen: DISNEYLAND!!

so early
Since we stayed in Newport Beach for this trip, we had to get up suuuuuuper early in order to be at Disneyland before rope drop-- the littlest sweetheart was not a fan but quickly changed her mood once we got into the park!

happiest place on earth
Family pictures at the Happiest Place on Earth (staring into the sun!)!

We always try to get family pictures in a couple of different locations as we're entering the park so we have a few to choose from.

space and buzz
After pictures it was time for rides in Tomorrowland!  (Hyper) Space Mountain and Astro Blasters are always favorites!

We ran into a couple of stormtroopers on our way out of Space Mountain.

Yummy snacks!

snoozin' and spiral
Ellie is a trooper and can make it from open to close as long as she gets to nap in the stroller!  And after resting for a bit, she's back out and walking around.

The kids convinced Grandpa to go on Splash Mountain with them (twice!).

Sweet sisters-- see, they don't always cooperate for pictures!

Churro time!!  It's been a family tradition to get churros from the cart by the Haunted Mansion for as long as I can remember, and now my kids think it's a fun tradition, too!

churro faces
The many (churro) faces of Ellie.

churro sisters
Sweet churro sisters.

I love how different the castle looks depending on what time of day it is and where you take the picture from.

Fun on the Autopia :)

carousel fun
King Arthur Carrousel-- Ellie's absolute FAVORITE ride-- it's a good thing her siblings are such good sports!

disneyland fun
We always make sure to go on Mr Toad's Wild Ride since the Magic Kingdom doesn't have it anymore.  The Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder are two of our other favorite rides that we make sure to go on several times!

We watched the fireworks by the line to Big Thunder this time.  While nothing can beat watching the fireworks from Main Street, it was fun to try out new locations on this trip.

ice cream on main street
We wrapped up our Disneyland trip with ice cream on Main Street (another long standing tradition!).

making friends

While the kids were eating their ice cream (and Jacob and I were doing some last minute shopping!) a friendly cast member came over to talk to them about their day in the park.  It turned into a looooong conversation about their favorite Disney rides and memories and then he showed them some Main Street secrets!

castle lights
Sleeping Beauty Castle and an empty park

empty main street
We (clearly) took our time walking down Main Street-- can't beat the view of the castle and an empty Main Street.

last ones out
Although it was getting late (about 90 minutes past closing!), Security Guard Norm was nice enough to let us get pictures of the big kids (Ellie was passed out in the stroller) before we said "see ya real soon" to Disneyland.

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