Tuesday, June 28, 2016

road trip days nineteen to twenty one: hanging out in california

breakfast at the great grandparents'
The kids love helping Great Grandma make breakfast!

fun with the cousins
Fun with the cousins!  Jacob's sister and her family were in town from Colorado and all TEN of the kids had a great time playing together!

swimming with truck grandpa one
Swimming with Truck Grandpa

swimming with truck grandpa two
Fun in the pool!

tutus from auntie beth
Auntie Beth made tutus for all the girls-- Ellie and Lexie LOVED playing in theirs!

swimming with cousins one
The kids had a blast playing in the playhouse and with the water table.

swimming with the cousins two
Swimming with MORE cousins!

swimming with the cousins three
So many kids!

swimming with the cousins four
One of the best things about going to California is seeing all of our extended family!!  There are so many kids and everyone has a great time playing together.

playtime with asher
Tutu fun with Asher :)

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