Saturday, September 10, 2016

orlando: sea world and the pool

hotel breakfast
On our first day in Orlando, we got up bright and early, enjoyed a delicious hotel breakfast, and then headed to Sea World.

sea world rides
The big kids were excited for the rides-- and Ben was even tall enough to go on Manta!  Journey to Atlantis has always been one of their favorites, and I love that the four of them can go on it (and get SOAKED) all on their own.

dolphin show
Since we hadn't been to Sea World in a FIVE years, we made sure to watch as many shows as we could-- the dolphin show has always been my favorite!

Penguins :)

penguin ride
The big kids (and Jacob) did the Wild Arctic ride into the penguin habitat while Ellie and I walked (since she was too short for the ride).  Once we were inside, we realized that we ALL could have done the Wild Arctic ride if we picked the "Mild" side instead of "Wild", so we left and did the ride to get back in.

more penguins
My favorite thing about the penguin exhibit is that there is no glass so it is really easy to see the penguins-- and it's REALLY cold!

lunch and signs
Quick lunch and a good reminder :)

sea lion high
We really enjoyed the "Sea Lion High" show!

dancing and push ups
Amazing that the sea lions could dance and do push ups!

rescue mission
The "Sea Lion High" show ended with a rescue mission and a walrus doing sit-ups!!  What's not to love??

sleepy girl
By the time we made it to the Shamu show, Ellie was hot and tired, but she did watch intently.

Shamu!  And yes, I know they're not all named Shamu, but I have no clue what their names are, so Shamu it is!

shamu flip
It is amazing how high out of the water they can get.

shamu show
We opted not to sit in the splash zone which allowed us to laugh at all the other people getting soaked-- and provided a great view for the whole show!

headed to the pool
We didn't stay at Sea World until close (mainly because we knew we'd be back in a couple of months) so when we got back to the hotel, we headed to the pool.

pool fun
Our hotel had a great splash pad area which kept the kids (all FIVE of them!) entertained for a couple of hours.

fireworks from our room
We made dinner out of the hotel happy hour snacks and leftover pizza and then enjoyed the Magic Kingdom fireworks from our room.

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