Sunday, November 13, 2016

mickey's very merry christmas party

frozen at the contemporary
We started the day at the Contemporary to check out their gingerbread house.

castle fun
And then it was time for round 2 of Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!!

jingle cruise
-Jingle Cruise-

-Pirates of the Caribbean-


peoplemover views
-Views from the Peoplemover-

peoplemover cuties
Peoplemover kiddos.  Ellie thought she was like one of the big kids since she put her arms up during the fast parts.

on the cars
-Tomorrowland Speedway-

little mermaid
-Under the Sea: the Journey of the Little Mermaid-

We have fun in the stores even when we don't buy anything!

Twirling like a princess.

haunted mansion
We watched the fireworks as we were getting in line for the Haunted Mansion and it was cool to see the sprinklers running on the buildings in Liberty Square.

the horsies
Riding the horsies.  Again.  But she loves it, so we do it!

backside of the castle
The backside of Cinderella Castle and a couple of unworthy sword pullers.

her first coaster
Ellie was FINALLY tall enough to ride Barnstormer and she LOVED it!!  She wanted to ride it over and over and over again.

it's a small world
We got on It's a Small World at 11:59p and were on the LAST boat of the night.

castle reflections
We took our time walking towards the front of the park and spent quite awhile enjoying the reflection of the castle.

Cinderella Castle Dream Lights

The Partners statue.

We made sure to get a couple of pictures on Main Street-- notice how there aren't people around??  It was LATE!!

end of the night
We enjoyed our traditional ice cream on Main Street while we watched people leave the park.  We befriended a couple of Photopass photographers (they took the family pictures for us!) and chatted with them while waiting for an empty Main Street.

At around 1:15a we were treated to "The Kiss Goodnight" which they don't typically do on party nights, but clearly was their polite way of asking the last few guests to leave.

last ones out
We were the last ones out of the park-- they had to hold the last ferry to the TTC for us!!  But it was totally worth it to get pictures of an empty Main Street!!

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