Saturday, November 12, 2016

sea world day one

aquarium fun
When we were in Orlando in September, we bought SeaWorld Fun Passes that were good for the rest of 2016 knowing that we would be able to go again in November.  The kids love exploring the aquariums almost as much as riding the rides!

feeding the rays
There was a really cool tank that lets you go under the rays-- and we got to watch them get lunch!

crazy looking fish
Everybody loved the leafy seadragon and we spent quite awhile watching them swim around.  The kids also loved the tube that you stand in that puts you in the aquarium.

ice cream break
Since we had a big breakfast at the hotel, we decided to have Shamu sundaes instead of lunch!

splash zone
The big kids decided to sit in the front row of the Splash Zone while we sat wayyyy up high to ensure we stayed dry.

one ocean
-One Ocean-


They got SOAKED-- which Ellie thought was hilarious!!

The kids took a spin on the Jazzy Jellies to try and dry off!

The big kids are great about going on the little kid rides so that Ellie gets to ride things-- though I think they secretly enjoy them just as much as she does!

On our way out of the park we ventured into the Wild Arctic to see the beluga whales, seals and the walrus.

relaxing evening
We stopped at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner and the kids ate, and ate, and ate, and all commented on how nice it was having a "healthy" dinner while on vacation!  Then it was back to the hotel and straight to bed!!

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