Saturday, August 5, 2017

fun at the lake

pool to the lake
Over the summer, our church had monthly groups throughout the community in order to build relationships and have bible study time.  The one that we attended was held in a beautiful house on the shores of Lake Norman-- the kids were SO excited to get to go to the lake!

floating around
After playing in the pool for a little bit, the kids all headed down to the dock to play in the lake.

They had a blast jumping off of the two-story dock.

-Chris jumping in-

ben jumping
Ben's turn to jump!

-Ben jumping in-

So. much. jumping.

lake norman
Beautiful view from the upper level of the dock.

We took a break from the lake for dinner and bible study...

back in the lake
...and then headed right back to the water!

lake norman
We went for a sunset ride on the boat.

fun on the boat
Our kids watched while the high schoolers went tubing and worked up enough courage to try it out themselves.

Lexie and Ben's first time on the tube-- Lexie managed to stay on the whole time but Ben fell off.

the boys
The boys had a blast tubing-- they're now convinced that we need to move to the lake and buy a boat!

moonlight tubing
Tubing by moonlight on the way back to the house.  We had such a wonderful time out on the lake and enjoying the company of friends from our church!

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