Saturday, August 12, 2017

august randomness

ben is home!
Ben flew home from Arizona ALL BY HIMSELF!  He had to take a non-stop flight because he was an unaccompanied minor so we had to pick him up in Raleigh instead of Charlotte.  We took advantage of the drive and had dinner at Pei Wei!

braces and piano
Following in big bro's footsteps, Nick got his braces this month!  And just like always, Ellie still loves to play the piano.

camp corral
Nick, Ben, and Lexie went to Camp Corral at Camp Weaver again this summer.  They love getting to be away from home for a week and see old friends and I love that they stay connected to the military community and are around kids that have had similar military experiences.

camp corral week
Chris missed camp this year because he had AP Bootcamp for his AP World History class-- summer homework is a very real thing in high school!  He enjoyed hanging out at home in the peace and quiet and playing with Ellie until we picked the other three kids up.

Such a silly girl!  She has been obsessed with Moana lately and just had to get a Moana necklace!

solar eclipse
We watched the solar eclipse with our neighbors and had snowcones-- such a cool experience!!  We've already made plans to go see the next one in 2024!!

-Our little Moana-

We lucked out and happened to be eating dinner at our local Chick-fil-A on "Make Your Own Sundae" night and the kids had a blast creating theirs!!

Ellie loves playing with blocks and will find random things to incorporate into her towers.  Her use of popsicle sticks was pretty impressive-- she payed close attention to both the symmetry of the structure as well as the design... maybe a future architect??

Cake pops have to be one of the best inventions, at least in the eyes of a three year old!

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