Wednesday, August 16, 2017

weekend with hannah (and christopher's birthday!)

sweet girls
Miss Hannah came to stay with us for a few days because her daycare was closed and her parents still had to go to work.  We met for lunch at Viva Chicken and Ellie was SOOOO excited to see her!

dr's office
I had a quick doctors appointment the next morning and the girls were the hit of the office-- everyone wanted to know if they were twins and were shocked to find out that Hannah is a year younger than Ellie!

silliness at target
We made a stop at Target for iced teas and shopping before heading home to play.

chick-fil-a and naps
Hannah was excited to get an ice cream cone after finishing her lunch at Chick-fil-A.

happy birthday christopher!
We waited to celebrate Christopher's 14th birthday until Jacob's dad, Truck Grandpa (who I apparently took no pictures of), got into town.  Christopher was a good sport and let Hannah and Ellie help him open his presents!

cow jammies
Sweet (though somewhat uncooperative) girls in matching cow pajamas!

car drama
The boys (minus Christopher who had to miss because of AP stuff) planned a big camping trip for Truck Grandpa's visit.  They loaded up Jacob's car with all the camping gear, closed the trunk and somehow his back windshield completely shattered.  Rather than waiting to figure out insurance and a rental car, they loaded up the van and headed out of town-- if only they'd waited a bit, they could have taken our rental Dodge Ram instead of the minivan!!  Chris, the girls and I loved having a truck for a few days though, and apparently, Target bags work as a backpack-- who knew?!

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