Tuesday, October 31, 2017

halloween fun

starbucks and dunkin
We always make sure to try the festive Halloween treats at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts!  The kids thought the Zombie frapp (supposedly caramel apple with a mocha drizzle) was pretty good though Ellie stuck with her tried and true fave, Vanilla Bean.

free pizza
Our local Firestorm Pizza did a Kids Eat Free special on Halloween-- the kids were excited to create their own pizzas!

target silliness
After our Halloween lunch we wandered around Target for awhile...

free chipotle
... before going to Chipotle to for their $3 boo-ritos.  We all ordered burrito bowls to-go for dinner the following night!

disney kids
Christopher decided at the last-minute that he wanted to go trick-or-treating this year (with friends, of course!) and decided to be a Disney Cast Member.  He and "Belle" had fun posing for pictures together.

the zombie
Lexie decided to forego the princess costumes this year and was a zombie instead.

the princess
Such a sweet, little princess!

keenan and chris
Christopher went around the neighborhood with his friend-- they lasted about an hour before they went home to play video games!

the astronaut
Nick was planning to be an astronaut but then decided to be an astronaut that had been attacked by something.

ready to trick or treat with friends
We always have dinner with our neighbors and then go trick-or-treating together.  This year, Ben decided that he didn't want candy badly enough to go trick-or-treating and stayed home so there were only five kids to keep track of!

trick or treat
Trick-or-treating time!

trick or treating two
Our neighborhood really gets into the Halloween spirit so it's fun to see everyone's decorations while we walk around!

halloween fire
After a couple of hours of trick-or-treating, we came back and made a big fire and spent the rest of the evening relaxing (sleeping for some!) with good friends!

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