Saturday, November 4, 2017

ellie and hannah's birthday party

birthday girls
We're fortunate to have family living close by (they're about 3.5 hours away) and we're able to get together for birthdays.  We got together to celebrate Miss Ellie's FOURTH birthday and Miss Hannah's THIRD birthday!

faces of e
Such a silly girl, waiting her turn to open presents.

opening presents
The girls did a great job taking turns opening presents and they were both so excited about what the other one got!

presents, presents, presents!
Presents, presents, and more presents!

turning four and three
- the birthday girls -

birthday girls :)
Two excited girls!!

birthday cake
Ellie picked out a "beautiful Belle cake" this year-- luckily, Hannah likes Belle, too!

make a wish
Make a wish!

crazy candles
We used relighting candles and the girls were so shocked and then giggled and giggled until all of the candles were out.

it's cake time!
Hannah was excited to dig into the cake...

new toys
... and Ellie skipped eating cake to play with her toys!

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