Friday, October 31, 2014

october 2014

eleven months old
Eleven months- she was not thrilled about taking pictures.  I cannot believe that she's almost one!

ellie's room
Ellie's room- It took nearly a year to post pictures!

ellie's room 2
I love how her room is full of personal touches: her Lambie from Auntie Janne and Uncle Adam, her beautiful alphabet quilt from Claudia, and the original inspiration for her room- a black sheep painting that Lexie did in pre-K.

Ellie has been crawling up a storm this month- she is always on the go!

fall festival
We attended a fall festival at our church and everyone had a great time!  The kids roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and went on a spooky hayride.

chris pumpkin carving
We didn't get our pumpkins until the day before Halloween so we spent Halloween morning carving.  Christopher is at the point where he can pick out his design and do it all by himself!

ben's pumpkin
Ben had fun scooping out the insides but still wanted some help with the carving.

pumpkin guts!
Ewwww!!  Pumpkin guts!!

lexie carving
"Truck" Grandpa helped Lexie carve her pumpkin.

sweet girl, but not cooperative
The littlest pumpkin was not cooperative for pictures.... again.  Must be an eleven month old thing.

sweet love bug
LoveBug all ready to go trick-or-treating.

smiling zombie to pirate zombie
Smiley zombie to pirate zombie.  This was the first year that Christopher went trick-or-treating with friends instead of with the family. 

zombies and a lovebug
Creepy zombies and a sweet LoveBug.

trick or treating
One of my favorite things about our neighborhood is how much people decorate for holidays.  We passed house after house all decked out for Halloween.

ellie bug
EllieBug got in on the fun, too.  She enjoyed her ride around the neighborhood and even snuck a few pieces of candy from her brothers.  She did not like her antenna headband.  At all.  And by the end of the night, she wasn't a fan of her socks either.

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