Saturday, February 28, 2015

february insta update

february insta love one
(1) Snuggles with Gwen on her birthday  (2) Friday night basketball  (3) Cheering on Ben's team
(4) Just the girls at dinner  (5) Somebody thought we needed ice cream  (6) Gonna have a visitor tonight!
(7) Free throw time  (8) Our traditional Valentine's Day fajitas  (9) Ecstatic about his new iPod.  I think #10 has been his favorite birthday so far

february insta love two
(1) Taking Lambie on a ride  (2) Her first hockey game  (3) Dancing with Chubby and the cheerleaders
(4) Snack time  (5) She loved the game!  (6) She loves when there's a two-hour delay because then she has people to play with!
(7) Nick stayed home sick from church so I told him he could lay on the couch and pick something to watch on TV- so we watched Frontline: Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria  (8) Happy weather day!!  (9) Wanna have a snowball fight?

february insta love three
(1) She doesn't get treated differently just because she's the baby.  I'm sure we let the others have popcorn and milk and watch a movie if they couldn't sleep....  (2) Movies by the fire since tomorrow is another snow day  (3) Such a pretty morning
(4) Since the power FINALLY came back on, the kids headed out to play  (5) Do you want to build a snowman??  (6) Making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
(7) Last game of the season  (8) Ellie runs on Dunkin' for late games  (9) Relaxing Saturday morning

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