Saturday, February 28, 2015

snow days

Living in North Carolina, we don't get a ton of snow; but when it does snow, EVERYTHING shuts down.  Every time that we have the slightest threat of snow, people flock to the stores and buy all of the bread and milk (presumably to make milk sandwiches...).  The kids get excited about the whispers of snow because if there is ANY on the ground, it will be a snow day.  We had two snow days the third week of February but not even enough snow to play in- it was ice more than anything.  But the fourth week of February turned out to be just what the kids were waiting for!
sweet kids
First snow day of the year with enough snow to play in!

snowball fun
They made snowballs and snow angels until most of the snow in the yard had melted.  The next day, they were back to school since the snow was gone.

snow day number two
The following morning the power went out at about 230am- and a certain sweetheart (Lexie) woke up  as soon as it went out, wanting to sleep in our room.  School was cancelled but since we had no power (or hot water....), the kids couldn't go outside to play.  They sat by the fireplace (our only source of heat) and had dry cereal for breakfast.  Luckily, the power came back on around 1030am and they quickly got bundled up to go outside and play!

snowball fights and snow angels
It was already starting to get warm out so the snow was a bit slushy but that didn't stop the kids from playing in it for a couple hours!

sweet lexie
Sweet Lexie in the snow

snowball fight
Snowball fights-- some people try and use snowballs bigger than their head!

sweet ben
Sweet Ben-- he shoveled most of the driveway with a plastic kids shovel-- it took him awhile!!

Christopher made a snowman in the backyard :)

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