Sunday, June 14, 2015

road trip day five: drive to alamogordo

pictures at the shaw's
Day five of our trip started by saying goodbye to the Shaws- we had a great time catching up and getting to know Lauren (she's changed a lot since she was 2!).

This was our longest day in the car and we didn't have any fun stops to make along the way so it was a drive, drive, drive kind of day.  We did get to enjoy the ever-changing landscapes as we made our way through West Texas and into New Mexico.  The kids loved all the pine trees in the NM mountains.

chili's and hotel in alamogordo
We enjoyed dinner at Chili's in Alamogordo and Ellie loved that she's big enough to get a kids menu and color with the big kids.  One of the favorite things about staying in a hotel is the free hotel breakfast-- we definitely get our money's worth!  Nick made a breakfast sandwich with sausage and an omelet on a biscuit.  Ellie thinks riding the luggage carts is the best thing ever and laughs her way through the hotel.

Miles Driven Day Five: 580
Total Trip Miles: 1694

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